Università di Roma Tor Vergata

2005 – 2008
PhD, Molecular and Cellular Biology: Integration of Protein-Protein Interaction and Protein

Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille (Lille I)

2001 – 2002Dess Informatique, Master in computer science with option Bioinformatics, with honours
1999 – 2001
Maîtrise Informatique, equivalent to a Master’s Degree in computer science, with honours
1996 – 1998
Deug Sciences de la Matière, second year university diploma Physics/Chemistry

Lycée Gérard de Nerval, Soissons

1995 -1996
Baccalauréat série S, equivalent to ‘A’ level (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry)

Skills and Knowledge

Experience in developing software, databases and web-services for biological data, integration of heterogeneous experimental data, development and application of standards for describing biological data.

programming: Java, Perl, Python, PHP, C/C++,
database development: Postgres, Mysql, Oracle, Hibernate,
website and webserver development: Java, J2EE, jsp, Primefaces, PHP, cgi, SOAP, REST, XML, Drupal
bioinformatics: statistics (R), API for bioinformatics (BioPerl, BioPython, EMBOSS), sequence analyses (blast, inparanoid), biological databases (NCBI, EBI).

Knowledge in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Microbiology, Network Biology.



Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Center for Genomic Science, Milano, Italy.

Since December 2012. Postdoctoral Fellow.
Development of software, databases and web-servers for the management and analyses of genomic data (next-generation sequencing).

Network biology, drug target discovery:

IRB Barcelona, Spain.

September 2009 – November 2012. Postdoctoral Fellow.
Network biology, applied for instance to drug target discovery in Gram negative bacteria in the AntiPathoGN project ( Development and maintenance of several databases, web-sites and web-servers (,

Bioinformatics, software and database development for biological data:

University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Italy, Prof. G. Cesareni’s Molecular Genetics Group:

2008-2009: Post-doc; 2005-2008: PhD student; 2003-2006, Researcher.
Development of biological databases and tools including: MINT (Molecular Interactions:, and XML maker/flattener (
Involved in the Protein Standard Initiative – Molecular Interaction consortium (PSI-MI: for the creation and use of standards for representing molecular interactions, and in the IMEx consortium ( which aims at regular exchange of protein-protein interaction data between the major public repositories.

Training Schemes in Bioinformatics:

European Bioinformatics Institute (Cambridge, UK).

May-October 2002 – 6 month. Trainee.
SwissWatch: add features to software for web services monitoring,
Intact: write a synchronization tool allowing exchanging data entries.

Pasteur Institute of Lille, France.

March-April 2002 – 2 weeks. Trainee.
Development of a web interface for phylogenics software (Puzzle, MrBayes).

Training Schemes in Computer Science:

TUBEST (Fère en Tardenois, France).

Summer 2000 – 11 weeks. Trainee.
Development of software for document flow management with Lotus NOTES/DOMINO.


Native or bilingual proficiency: English, French, Italian.
Limited working proficiency: German, Spanish.


Tutor for the course of molecular bioinformatics of Professor Helmer-Citterich, University of Rome.